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CORE MACHINES (COLD PROCESS) Wesman make Core Machines are rugged and capable of operating with Cold Box (Gas cured) process. These machines are manufactured for dedicated use with either horizontally or vertically parted core boxes. They feature fast, automatic operation including sand blowing, gassing and purging cycles and mechanized core removal on selected models. All these machines utilize a high capacity blow system and a dual head mechanism including a sand magazine head and a combination gas /purge head with a built in core ejector feature on horizontally parted models. Optional features such as mandrel attachments, hydraulic clamping and machine enclosures are available. These machines can be supplied with a range of support equipment including sand preparation systems, catalyst gas generators, catalyst control systems and more to create a complete core production center. These machines are available in 5 different models. Of these 3 are suitable for vertically parted core boxes and 2 for horizontally parted core boxes with core weights ranging between 18 to 45 kgs and core box mounting plate sizes ranging from (406 X 406) to (660 X 762).
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