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• Core making technics could be optinal as per different using situation. Such as electric heating, gas heating and so on; • For hot box, with automatic temperature control; • Automatic sand feeding, no need for water cooling; • Pneumatic/Air pressure make the sand core tighter than other way; • Mould close procedure smooth & accurate the sand core is in high precision; • PLC programmable controller, wide application, reasonable design;
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Saathi Foundry Solution Manufacturing Shell Core Shooter Machine And Cold Box Core Shooter in Rajkot, Supply for all over India, Like as rajasthan, Bangalore, Punjab, Ludhiana, jalandhar, Agra, noida, shimoga, Maharashtra, Varanasi,
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Concurrent with core machine development and innovation was the development of Greensand Matchplate Mold Machine Systems. These were the first replacements for labor intensive manual mold making operations. At first only tight flask closed loop systems taking up large amounts of floor space were offered but their labor saving features made them popular and widely used.
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Saathi Foundry Solution cold core shooter machine manufacturer in Rajkot Gujarat
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Vision : Think different , take fast action and make Indian's leading company in foundry industries. Mission: Adopt new technology to build the best product, highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of company sprit -SAATHI